Why computers know you better than your spouse – Michal Kosinski on the rise of Big Data


Today is a special episode of Blindspot as I’m joined by guest host Matt Cooke.

Our Guest today is Michal Kosinski. We discussed Big Data, micro targeting and why computers can know you better than your spouse.

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Dr.Michal Kosinski is Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Dr Kosinski received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge (UK) in 2014. Kosinski’s research has had a significant impact on both academia and the industry.

His research focuses on individual differences in behavior, preferences, and performance. Specifically, he is interested in the mechanisms linking psychological traits (such as personality) with a broad range of organizational and social outcomes, including job performance, person-job fit, consumer preferences, and ideology, as well as the expression and recognition of psychological traits from behavioral residues, language, and facial features.

Kosinski conducts his research using a range of computational methods, including machine learning, data mining, and observational studies involving millions of participants.

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